Emily Beck

Emily Beck 2016Miss Emily Beck

BS, Humanities Applied Science, Maranatha Baptist University, Watertown, WI



About Miss Beck

This is Emily’s first year teaching in a school setting.  She will be the homeroom teacher for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade here at Utica Christian School.  She will also be teaching the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade Chemistry.


Emily and her fiance Joe Starr, will be getting married at the end of this year.  In the future, they feel God’s leading them into full-time Christian ministry together as a couple.  In Emily’s spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, and cooking.  She does not have any specific hobbies but loves spending time with her family, and especially with her fiance.

What Miss Beck loves about teaching at Utica

The two things she is most excited about are the focus on the Word of God, and the parental involvement.  “As a teacher, it is my job to support the parents in raising their children, and instructing them to become model citizens, successful individuals, and devoted believers.  Everything I do should be in alignment with the parent’s desire to see their children grow.  I love that I will be working together with so many parents who genuinely care about their children, and want them to develop a close relationship with Christ.  I am excited for the opportunity to teach in a school where I can speak openly about my faith, and help guide my students into a knowledge of our LORD and Savior.”


At Bible Baptist Church of Utica, Joe and Emily work with the youth group.  They really enjoy the group of teens they have here, and are excited to see how God will grow them in the future.  Emily works to support and help Joe as he has had several opportunities to preach in church, and also help lead youth group activities.  They faithfully attend every service possible.